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PSA: Charles Tyrwhitt, Allen Edmonds (Shoebank), and other retailers have increased their Return/Restocking Fee ($6/shirt, $25/pair of shoe)

CT: I bought 4 of their Casual Shirts in late October, online and had them shipped to my home. I went in last week to return them at the NYC Midtown CT stores as the shirts were way to baggy at the neck. Return process was smooth, as with all my previous returns. The receipt even showed that I would be refunded the full amount. Fast Forward to this morning when I check my CC Statement – My CT refund was $24 less than what I had paid for. ($6 x 4 returned shirts).

I contacted the CT Customer Service line, and the young chap over at their UK Call Center mentioned that as of November 1st 2017, they have begun charging a $6 restocking fee for any shirt that is returned, regardless of method of return or reason of return. Exchanges, on the other hand, will not be charged a fee.

Shoebank also increased their fee to $25 (

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Shorts da bagno con taschino decorativo a contrasto

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